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Primer’s free mobile app offers fast and easy jargon-free lessons for business owners and people looking to achieve their work and career goals. Learn practical skills from industry experts on topics like business and operations, brand and identity, and marketing and measurement.

Business & Operations

Set your business up for success with lessons on business operations, management, selling, and startup tactics.

by Primer Team

Business Planning

Start Small and Grow on Your Own with Bootstrapping

by Rhonda Abrams, President of PlanningShop

Small Business Budgeting: Track, Plan, Prepare

by Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends

Fight Fatigue and Stress While You Start a Business

by Ramon Ray, Entrepreneur & Global Speaker

Understanding and Paying Indonesia’s SME Tax

by CITA and Directorate General of Tax

Using Microloans to Fund Big Goals

by SCORE, Rieva Lesonsky (GrowBiz Media), and Caron Beesley

Create a Project Budget and Master Your Money

by Applied Digital Skills Team

Plan for Success with a Project Charter

by Applied Digital Skills Team


Business Management

How Being Entrepreneurial Can Help You and Your Business

by Bethany Poole, Global Director, Google

Create a Plan for Influencing at Work

by Eddie Kennedy & Priyanka Ramdas, Google

Plan Ahead to Facilitate More Effective Meetings

by Janine Lee, Professor and Google Manager

Master Mindfulness and Start Paying Better Attention at Work

by Connor Swenson, Google for Startups

Be More Productive at Work by Renewing Your Energy

by Connor Swenson, Google for Startups

Manage Your Time to Make the Most of It

by Connor Swenson, Google for Startups

Use Positive Influence to Generate and Achieve Shared Goals at Work

by Eddie Kennedy & Priyanka Ramdas, Google


How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email

by Josh McClain and Rachel Allen, Indiegogo

Build Your Business Fast with Growth Hacking

by Ryan Holiday, Author and Strategist

Test Product/Market Fit Before You Commit

by Ryan Holiday, Author and Strategist

Use Prototyping to Fail Intelligently

by Adam Royalty, Stanford


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Brand & Identity
Learn skills to help your business stand out.
Marketing & Measurement
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