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Primer’s free mobile app offers fast and easy jargon-free lessons for business owners and people looking to achieve their work and career goals. Learn practical skills from industry experts on topics like business and operations, brand and identity, and marketing and measurement.

Brand & Identity

Establish your brand identity with lessons on brand building strategies, customer engagement, website, and user experience.

by Primer Team

Brand Building

Customer Engagement

First Build an Audience, Then Make Products

by Cory Ferreira and Tucker Schreiber, Shopify

Move Past Failure with Effective Storytelling

by Andrew Linderman, The Story Source

Get Customers Interested by Telling a Great Story

by Ryan Holiday, Author and Strategist

How a Punchline Can Send a Strong Message

by Andrew Linderman, Story Source

Find a Target Audience That’s Not Generic

by Cezary Pietrzak, Marketing Consultant


User Experience


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