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Develop Useful Skills

Every Primer lesson helps you build valuable business and marketing skills quickly and easily. Search in the app for the skills you want, track your progress as you go, and learn them all.

Business Planning
Learn how to start a business and set it up for success.
Pick up some tips on making your first sale or getting even more sales.
Brand Building
Discover how to choose a strong business name, develop your brand identity, and more.
Customer Engagement
Learn how to create your business story and find your target audience.
Get tips on creating a business website that appeals to customers.
Email Marketing
Find out how to build an email list, use email automation, avoid spam filters, and more.
Social Media
Learn how to create #SocialAds, work with #Influencers, and more.
Business Management
Take lessons on leadership, work-life balance, hiring a team, and more.
Digital Marketing
Find out how to market your business online.
Content Marketing
Get lessons on planning, creating, and sharing compelling content.
Take lessons on digital metrics, Google Analytics, and more.
Business Insights
Get to know your audience with lessons on user testing, research, and customer insights.
Learn about growth hacking, prototyping, crowdfunding, and other startup tactics.
Mobile Marketing
Get tips for engaging your target audience on their mobile phones.
Video Marketing
Learn about creating actionable online videos, hardworking video ads, and more.
User Experience
Learn about helping users get the most out of your website, mobile store, apps, and more.
Agency Management
Discover methods for building a strong working relationship with your agencies.
Learn business skills in minutes with lessons you can take anywhere